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Bit Heroes Tips & Cheats: Complete Strategy Guide for Beginners

The charming Bit Heroes game produced by Juppiomenz and released by Kongregate has finally made it to mobile! An incredibly fascinating MMORPG with procedurally generated tons and dungeons a lot of things to do, the game might appear like a little too much to handle at first, particularly for players that are new. We are here to help! Read on our Bit Heroes tips and cheats: a comprehensive strategy guide targeted generally at beginner players. Nevertheless, much more advanced players may have a thing to understand as well, so do not wait to check our this guide!

You will find tens of familiars to gather and also more dungeons to beat, so let us not waste a single minute. Continue reading for our Bit Heroes tips and tricks!

Total Bounties

Among the issues you need to actually concentrate on completing are actually the Bounties. Two new Bounties (Quests, basically) each day is gotten by you and you are able to have a total of ten energetic ones. Completing them generally rewards you with very a lot or good items of coins, so make certain that you constantly keep an eye on the bounties and make an effort to finish them as fast as possible for quick progress.

Dungeons guide and tips For Bit Heroes

You will spend much of your time attempting to defeat the different dungeons in the game, therefore an overview and manual to them will are available in handy. Thus , here's a set of items to have in mind when it comes to finishing dungeons:

- It appears they're procedurally generated, meaning that they are going to be different each time you play. This's wonderful, since you'll always get various incentives and you will encounter unique enemies.

- On many occasions, leaving the auto Play option on looks like a great idea as the AI does a very great job to finish the Dungeons, particularly in case you are overpowered. This's ideal particularly for when you are grinding on levels you've by now completed (boss levels) to be able to get more XP and enhance your player stats. Simply go for probably the highest difficulty you are able to defeat easily and let the AI battle it out while you do something different. You'll just have to tap the display in case the merchant is meeed by you or perhaps in case there is an opportunity to persuade a common to join you.

- Have in mind that when completing Boss amounts, you are able to take in fellow guild members rather than familiars. This's very helpful, particularly in case you're in a strong guild with high level players.

- Always try to collect almost everything and clean a Dungeon before exiting - even in case a boss is defeated by you, there may still be some additional treasure that you are able to gather. Be sure you do so.

- It is much better to replay Boss amounts rather than attempting quest missions you cannot complete. While you get to make almost everything you collect during a mission even in case you lose, the benefits are normally better when completing Boss Levels. Do so until you're of a high enough level to easily overcome the normal plan missions.

Weapon abilities are particularly important

You will find many weapons offered in the game, each with its own rarity and abilities that it provides you in fight. Thus, it's incredibly essential to take a look at the abilities each weapons provides and just how great they will be to you in the stated fight. Make sure brand new weapons are equipped by you, check out the skills of theirs and just afterwards determine in case you must keep it or perhaps not. Several weapons are much better for offering help, while others to better in causing damage. You have to find probably the best one to use for the situation of yours.

The best way to win battles

Although having a good team is important when it comes to winning each fight, there are several things that you have to keep in your mind to be able to make things easier:

- You are able to make use of potions anytime it's the turn of yours. Although early on there is no real reason to make use of the potions (it is advisable to hoard on them until things get truly difficult). do not forget about you've them as an option and make use of them to earn challenging battles.

- Switch characters around in order to keep the alive for longer. It seldom occurs for enemies to cause harm to numerous characters, therefore a great program is actually this: have the fight with the current setup of yours and after a couple of turns, transition your primary character with one behind them. This typically means you get a new complete health character up front, while the character that was at the front side at the outset is currently safe at the rear. In other words, this increases your chances to win each battle.

- Be sensible when it comes to making use of the specific attacks of characters. Ensure you do so when they provide you probably the biggest benefit in battle. For instance, in case you make use of the Bat's "suck life" ability (or whatever it is called) and the other person has fewer hit points than the harm the bat of yours will cause, the character of yours will regain much less health.

Guilds are a necessity!

Joining a good guild is incredibly important in case you wish to progress faster through the game. A guild with members that have a strength similar to yours (or maybe even better) is very useful when it comes to grinding on the finished Boss Battels: just begin checking out the dungeon with your best teammates, set it on Auto and you've absolutely nothing to be concerned about.

In addition, you achieve honor in a guild based on the XP points you generate for the guild and you are able to invest Honor in the Guild's shop for buying helpful items. So enrolling in a good, energetic guild is a necessity!

The best way to update the Stats of yours

As you level up, points to pay for the Stats of yours will be gained by you. Though tactics differ based on the player type you wish to be, my suggestion is actually focusing on Agility as it enables you to strike several times in battle, then Power and leave Stamina at the end. Your hero does not have to constantly be up there at the front, so having large wellness is not a necessity first on - you receive much more from attacking more often rather!

Skeleton Keys

Although they're really helpful in the game in case you stumble upon a premium chest in the Dungeons, skeleton keys are difficult to come by. Have in your mind that the goodies inside a locked chest get much better as you advance through the dungeons, therefore it is a great idea to try and keep your Skeleton Keys until later in the game.

Equipment Guide

You will find a great deal of gear bits that you are able to get and equip in Bit Heroes. Generally, it is quite simple to keep an eye on what you've equipped and what some other choices you've (there is actually a green arrow marking better gear, while a red one marks equipment with worse stats). Though it is still a great idea to take a look at the stats of each device, particularly in case they are of a similar rarity: the incentives they provide will be different compared to other items, and you may choose them better, despite the fact that the total number of additional points you receive is actually the same.


You are able to get up to 2 familiars with you when completing quests or even 3 in PvP fights. This's the reason it is essential to try out and have as many as they can - you normally get them by Persuading familiars during battles, though you are able to also make use of the Fusion options to craft your very own (though it is an extremely challenging process, needing a great deal of resources).

You cannot level up familiars, though they appear to acquire additional stats based on the level of yours and I have not found any real use to having much more than one (except for the reality that you are able to get into battle with several familiars of the same type). Then when it comes to Persuading, be very picky and go for those you think will definitely help you in the very long run, since there are actually large chance the Persuasion of yours will fail and the cash will be lost by you.

Some Facts On Bit Heroes Game Currencies!

The 2 major currencies of Bit Heroes are actually Gems and Gold. Some other than these, PvP and Energy Tickets are the primary materials of the game. Several of the typical materials of Bit Heroes are actually Trial Tokens, Crafting Materials, PvP Coins, Stat Points, and Guild Honor. Many of these materials will recharge bit by bit in the game while others have to be gained, however most of them can be produced with Bit Heroes Hack.


Gold is actually the main currency of the game which could be utilized for producing guilds, upgrading equipments, winning over Familiars, Fusing, purchasing unusual items, etc. With Gold, you are able to exchange things, purchase them from the game shop, or maybe dungeon merchants.

Ways In order to Obtain Gold:

The simplest way to acquire Gold is using Bit Heroes Hack or perhaps by opening chests in raids and dungeons. You are able to also check out and develop Gold bags, Gold coins, and Gold pots from dungeons and raids. When a PvP match is won by you, Gold will be earned by you. Signing in the game every day is going to make you acquire Gold. In case fights in raids and dungeons are won by you, then you are able to generate a considerable level of Gold. Attempt watching a number of video ads and earn Gold as rewards. Additionally, you are able to actually buy Gold by investing Gems.


Gems are actually the specific currency of the game which could be utilized for bribing Familiars, purchasing products from game shop, buying Epic items from purchasing energy and dungeons merchants, tokens, shards, tickets, and more.

Ways In order to Obtain Gems:

In order to acquire Gems in the game, you have to check out the raids and dungeons. Over there, you are going to come across Gems, Gem bags, and Gem pots. You are able to also generate Gems by opening chests in dungeons and raids. In case you craft 300 Bronze twenty Silver one Gold you are able to get twenty Gems. In case you do not wish to struggle just give a try to Bit Heroes Hack.

Earn rewards in the form of Gems by completing PvP and Trials events. You are able to also generate Gems by signing to the game every day after playing for two to seven consecutive days. Some video ads will additionally allow you to make Gems. Additionally, in case you're currently falling short of Gems in the game then you are able to buy it by spending real world cash.


You are going to need Energy to try Dungeons or flags on the Quest Map. A dungeon may be cleared once by using Energy. Nevertheless, in case you would like to enjoy the game which has higher difficulty level and also provides greater incentives, then you are able to clean the very same dungeon once again by investing more Energy. Energy regenerates at the speed of one every four minutes and it's a maximum of ninety nine player level.

Various other ways to obtain Energy are by earning incentives for doing flags or dungeons for the first time. hundred Bronze three Silver crafted in concert will provide you twenty Energy. After playing the game for three consecutive days, in case you login every day then you are able to generate Energy as reward. Some video ads as well provide Energy so do not forget to view them. You are able to also buy Energy by spending Gems and as you already know Gems may be acquired with Bit Heroes Hack.

PvP Tickets:

In case you would like to take part in a PvP match, then you definitely have to have PvP Tickets. For every fight, you have to use one or perhaps two Tickets. In case the matches are won by you, you are going to earn points in the PvP rankings for weekly incentives at the same time as PvP Coins. These Coins could be crafted into a number of other sorts of game currencies.

Each time, you are able to hold a maximum of ten Tickets. These Tickets may be regenerated every forty five minutes. To refill completely, 7.5 hours will be required by it. Crafting hundred Bronze three Silver is going to give you two Tickets. In case you play the game for eight consecutive days then you are able to generate Tickets for signing daily. Some video ads will even reward Tickets.


In summary, you need to provide this game a shot! Bit Heroes five out of five on the rating scale has been given by me. And in case you mix Bit Heroes Cheats on this game, you are going to enjoy it at the maximum!

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